Thursday, 31 January 2013

Educational Tools for Learning French Language Skills

Children learning French language skills may sometimes struggle to remember French vocabulary. Having the appropriate words to communicate is what learning a new language is all about. One of the ways in which teachers help their students to memorize basic vocabulary is through the use of worksheets.
Children have a limited attention span and so they need short, interesting lessons. Illustrated worksheets with fun exercises that children can work through do just that, Kids gain practice in using the French words correctly. The exercises are enjoyable to do and effective in teaching important French vocabulary.

Colour Worksheets


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Learning French words with mime/gesture

Teaching professionals agree that learning French or any other language is a verbal and auditory exercise.  You need to hear and speak the sounds when you are learning French words for example.

Learning styles have an impact on what and how we teach. Understanding strategies for teaching visual learners can help your Learning French Language students get the most out of your French language classes.

The challenge is that the majority of students are visual learners, so it is important to use a system that will provide visual cues or prompts to aid the memory of visual learners.  Just think of the expressions we use:

§  Let's look at it differently.

§  See how this works for you.

§  I can't quite picture it.
                  § Let's draw a picture or map.

For those who are teaching French words to visual learners you should use images, pictures, color and other visual aids to help students learn.

All children love to role play, so you could consider using gestures and mime in training your students in Learning French Language.   Here are some examples you could use:

-          When you say “good-bye” always wave

-          When  you say “sit down” you should use a gesture

-          Or if you say “be quiet” you can put your finger to your lips

To get the whole class involved, you could have French words for emotions on flash cards and as you hold up each card the students say the word and also gesture the emotion.  For instance, “happy” – everyone could smile, “sad” – everyone could frown.

 Students could also act out a story so they can associate the gestures with the words they are learning.

The most important thing to remember when using mime and gestures to students learning French is to be consistent, use them every time you say the words.  Practice makes perfect and it makes learning more fun.


Friday, 18 January 2013

Some French Expressions made with Vegetables and Fruits

Faire le poireauTo wait without moving

En avoir gros sur la patate To be deeply upset or to bear a grudge

Tomber dans les pommesTo faint

Ramener sa fraiseTo intervene during converstion without justification

      S’occuper de ses oignonsTo mind its own business

Ne plus avoir un radis To be broke

C’est la fin des haricotsThe end of everything
Etre haut comme trois pommesTo be small

 Etre rouge comme une tomateTo be blushful or flushed  

Avoir les jambes en compoteTo have aching legs after long walk for example
 Couper la poire en deuxTo find a compromise


Avoir un cœur d'artichautTo fall easily in love

Avoir la ligne haricot vertTo be a tall and slim

Être un cornichonTo be an idiot
La cerise sur le gâteauThe best of everything

Mettre du beurre dans les épinardsTo improve one’s quality of life
Raconter des saladesTo tell lies
Se fendre la poireTo laugh heartily

Une purée de poisA very thick fog

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Make Learning French Your New Year Resolution

The New Year is two weeks old. Have you thought of your New Year’s Resolution yet? Well, if not, why don’t you consider learning French? It could be a great choice to include in your New Year resolution. Yes, there are plenty of things that you can do to fulfill your New Year resolution, but to think about learning something new is much better and wiser.

An evident reason why learning French could be a great choice for New Year’s resolution is that it could help you to communicate with other people who know how to speak it. Similar with other kinds of language you take benefit from, learning French can help you to understand people from many countries. This certainly includes those people you get to meet when you are travelling and also the people within your community. Your journey going to another destination will be impressively improved in both easily communicating and your friendliness if you know how to speak the language of the person you are talking to, especially French.

Speaking the language of other people shows how much you respect their culture and almost every individual in each country much prefer it whenever tourists exert an effort to speak their local language, even if it is just very basic words. Furthermore, learning French could also help you in communicating with the populations of local immigrant at home.

Learning French could really be a great idea since speaking it, would further acquaint you with the lifestyle and the customs of France. Learning a new language such as French could open your mind gathering new concepts and new approaches on how to look at the world.

Say for an instance, you will be able to translate your own words into French and get to use these words to describe the world with a much deeper meaning. Since there are really plenty of words that differs your language from French it will be helpful if you will learn about them little by little. Not only will you communicate with other people but there are plenty other things you can benefit from if you know how to speak the language. If you know how to speak French, you will be able to enjoy French literature, watch French speaking films without having to read on the subtitles. Furthermore, you may also get to understand and appreciate the forms of music that have French lyrics. It is very hard for a certain translation to be the perfect replica of its original; hence the best possible approach in order to understand what an author really meant of his/her writings is to personally read what actually the author had written.

If you choose learning French as your New Year’s resolution, you may also get the chance to increase your ability to market. Knowing how to speak French will help you to talk with potential associates and customers. This is one of the best arms of a businessperson who wishes to grow within the field of business. Therefore, if you want to have a resolution that is worth doing then choose learning French as it will surely demonstrate the worth you are after.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It is Giveaway Time.

I am celebrating the new year by giving away some freshly made worksheets!!!

This month you can pick up a new set of French Primary Worksheets from this blog


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