Thursday, 11 April 2013

April Quiz

Find the correct answer for each question and, send them to me at - subject: French Quiz. One of you will receive a beautifully illustrated  French Food  Poster with Pronunciation on a voice recording.

What are the colours of the French flag?

- bleu, blanc, rouge
- noir, vert, jaune
- rose, marron, gris

What do you wear on your feet?

- une chemise
- un pull
- des chaussures

Which one of these animals is a pet?

- un serpent
- un chien
- une vache

What do you eat for breakfast?

- une pomme de terre
- une tartine
- une glace

What day of the week comes between mercredi and vendredi?

- jeudi
- dimanche
- ananas

Which number is 15?

- quatorze
- cinquante
- quinze

The results will be posted on Monday the 15th of April.

Bonne chance

French Food Poster with Pronunciation

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