Monday, 26 November 2012

How Popular is the French Language?

When people consider learning a second language, one that pops up more often than others is the French language. Not only is French one of the popular romance languages, which also includes Spanish and Italian, but it is extremely pleasing to the ear when spoken. People all over the world love to hear it spoken aloud, and from high schools to universities, French is offered and taught to thousands of students each year. Adults who decide to learn a second language often choose French because of its pleasant phonetic sounds, but are there other reasons that people decide to learn it? From business to pleasure and beyond, there are many reasons why millions of people all over the world have chosen to learn the language of love.

Nearly eighty million people in the world speak French, and it is among the most popular modern languages spoken today. Not only is the French language spoken throughout Europe, but it also widely spoken throughout Canada and even in some places in the U.S. (such as New Orleans, where the French language gave birth to the Creole culture). Nearly thirty countries all over the world have chosen French as their official language, as have over a dozen dependent territories, so it is easy to see that it is not only beloved in its native land, but around the globe as well. This is probably why so many people choose it as their second language—it is well-known in many places, and it is a very useful language to know when traveling. People who become fluent in French have a definite advantage because it is more of a universal language than an obscure one. If they become lost while abroad, the chances that they will find someone who speaks French in order to ask them for help is much better than it would be of finding someone who speaks Mandarin or Japanese.

The French language is also one of the fast-growing business languages in the world. French is becoming more popular in America along the Canadian border as Americans look to their neighbors in the north for employment. Nearly a quarter of the Canadian populace speaks French, and this would be a definite advantage to anyone traveling there for the purpose of finding a job. From fun to business and so much more, the French language is one of the most popular in the world, with more and more people learning the language of love each and every day.


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