Sunday, 4 November 2012

How to use learning resources imaginatively

Learning french can be a tricky subject, especially because the words and phrases are completely different from the English language. However, it's possible to actively engage learners to learn French by using learning resources imaginatively.  Rather than taking the typical classroom approach, you could always use props or activities to help you learn French. The human mind benefits the most from learning when it's able to actively engage with the activity. Sometimes traditional classroom approaches are boring and don't engage the students to interact with what's being taught. With that said, here's some great tips for learning French through learning resources.

Firstly, try making a deck of cards with English sentences or words on them. These should be words that you already know, or that your students already know. You could play a game where you randomly select a card and choose a student to say that word or phrase in French. Equally, if your studying on your own, then write down words and phrases that you know in French, but use the equivalent terms in English. Flick through the cards, select a random one and speak the English word/phrase in French. If you do this regularly, you'll soon begin picking up fluent English/French translation and your ability to speak French will greatly improve.

Typically speaking, the human mind benefits the most from visual aids, as opposed to hearing somebody say it out loud. As such, you should always try and use visual aids wherever possible. You could for example, invest in computer software which teaches French through a program. They will usually speak the words or phrases and display the French spelling of those words - which will let you get an idea of how to pronounce it, and spell it.

Learning French through using French learning resources can be a great way to get engaged.

French Learning Resources


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  2. Hi,
    I’m learning French and it’s not so easy for me. First I tried to learn by different self-studying books and websites. But it was difficult for me and I didn’t have any conversations. Than, my friends suggest me to find tutor so I take lessons on It’s a good source and I started to practice speaking. As additional sources I read books, watch videos, try to learn as much words as possible. But even now I’m looking for new opportunities to try something new in language learning.

    If you know some great ways you tried yourself, let me know, please.