Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Why Children of All Abilities are Entitled to Learn a Foreign Language

Most good educators believe that every person is able to learn. Some are better at learning one subject and not another while some have a very easy time learning and others have a very difficult time learning. The students that have a difficult time learning the core material are sometimes excused from learning a second language to try and stop any undue stress on the student. While many educators believe this theory or protocol is correct and in the best interest of the child it is important to know that learning a second language can improve many different skills and should be offered to all students no matter the student’s ability.

There are a number of different reasons to learn a second language. One major reason is for employability purposes. It is true that English has become somewhat of a global language, but many people are not comfortable speaking English to a native English speaker. Surprisingly enough four-fifths of the world’s population does not speak English. It is for this reason that many employers have begun to look for employees that are able to speak more than one language. If a student with a lower ability to learn is not taught a second language they are given yet one more hurdle to overcome. 

Another great reason to teach a second language to all students is to increase their global understanding and awareness. No matter what the learning ability of a student they should be aware of different cultures to encourage understanding of differences, thus increasing their multicultural awareness. Most second language classes teach not only the language, but the customs as well. It is this part of the class that will increase tolerance and understanding of people’s differences.
Another great reason all students should learn a foreign language is to increase their understanding of the English language. Studies have shown that learning a second language helps students learn about language in general. The language skills that are taught in their second language classes carry over into their native language. Students that are taught a second language normally have a stronger vocabulary and have even been known to earn higher reading achievements.
Although learning can be difficult for some students it should never be an option to not learn or be taught a second language. Learning a second language can only help a struggling student by increasing their vocabulary and their overall knowledge of their native language. 



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