Tuesday, 19 March 2013

French Quiz For Children

Find the correct answer for each question and, send them to me at languageresources@btinternet.com - subject: French Quiz. One of you will receive a beautifully illustrated French Poster with Pronunciation on a voice recording.

The answers will be posted on Saturday.

1) What does "Noir" mean?

     -  blue
     -  yellow
     -  black
     -  pink

2) When it is cold, what do you wear?

     - un manteau
     - une casquette
     - un short
     - des sandales

3) Le/La. Which one of these animals is feminine (la).

     - canard
     - vache
     - mouton
     - cheval

4) Which number is missing? douze, ----------------?, quatorze.

     - seize
     - treize
     - huit
     - vingt

5) Which one is a fruit?

     - la poire
     - le pain
     - le fromage
     - l'oeuf

6) When you meet someone in the morning, do you say?

     - bonsoir
     - bonne nuit
     - au revoir
     - bonjour

7) Where do you sleep at night?

      - dans la cuisine
      - dans la chambre
      - dans la salle de bains
      - dans le jardin

Thank you for taking part.

Bonne chance

Illustrated Poster

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