Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to brighten up the classroom?

Students always enjoy school when there is lots of fun learning involved.  A bright classroom with colorful school posters adds appeal and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

The right school posters can actually be a timesaving resource in your classroom while the students learn without even realizing it!

Here’s why – Approximately 1/3 to ½ of all children are visual learners and they respond best to a bright classroom.  Images, diagrams and pictures on school posters are very helpful for visual learners.  They understand and remember new ideas when words are associated with pictures and get reinforcement for important ideas.

School posters can also be an alternative to asking the teacher – if a student has a reference on the wall, they can often figure out their work themselves, which is the whole concept of school!  When the information is connected to the classroom work, students can do their work and enjoy a sense of accomplishment that they did it on their own.  This is another great step in their education!

A teacher can also refer to the posters during the regular lessons and by changing them often, the bright classroom continues to stimulate the students and introduce fresh ideas to keep the fun learning model  for ongoing knowledge.

School posters are useful for small and large groups or for independent studies and they make presenting new information to students easier because they contain smaller digestible pieces of data.  This is very helpful when teaching a new difficult math, language, spelling or science idea and makes it easier for students at all ability levels.

Motivational quotes on posters can inspire and encourage. Students, particularly in primary grades are easily bored, so another benefit of school posters is that they can be changed easily and often to keep the bright classroom feeling.  Children will begin to look forward to the next new and exciting poster that the teacher has for them.

Whether they realize it or not, student also learn that a poster is a good way to display information and ideas – something they can use when they have to provide a presentation at a time in their life.

The versatility of school posters is a welcome tool for a teacher also.  They are easy to put up and take down and don’t require any special help from the school support staff that may or may not be available to them.  Posters can also be used all around the classroom.  They can be placed on the wall, on a door, on a cabinet, on the blackboard or even an easel and they are easy to move around or take down when it is time for tests or exams.

School posters are a great educational resource that helps to make a bright classroom which leads to fun learning for the students and assists the teacher.   So add a little fun to your classroom by displaying colorful posters in different styles and subjects!

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