Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Vintage School Days

With old school books we rediscover the time of innocence!
Collecting old books is a passion of mine. I see it as keeping a link open with the past.

Looking back to the Vintage School Days, we can immediately notice how much has changed in the learning process. Going back several decades, the books were much more basic and compact. The pages were stuffed with small font's in order to cram as much information in as possible. In the Vintage School Days, there was little to no research about the human brain. Scientists did not understand how children learned, and how they could further improve their learning experience.

School Books from 1882 
Livret one

Livret two

These school books concentrate on Writing, Reading and Spelling
The books used in the Vintage School Days are remarkably similar to the ones still being used today though. In some French learning books, publishers understood that children would need to be engaged to benefit the most from their learning. As such, some old books have parts at the end where the children could draw objects or shapes. This would let them engage through drawing, while reading about the French language, and actively learning the language. 

As you can probably expect, the paper was low-quality material and almost brown colored in nature. Additionally, there was hardly any color print in books at all. Colored ink back in the Vintage School Days was extremely expensive, and neither schools nor publishers could afford to cover books from start to finish with color.

 This book is a Grammar book
 It is from 1955

It was used by children of 10 and 11 years old

As you can probably notice today, the ability to contrast between different colors in a book is a great visual aid.

 While times have changed, and learning resources have been more extensively developed for the better, some material from the Vintage School Days are still extremely similar to what we have available to us today.

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