Friday, 5 October 2012

How to Teach a New Topic in French


There are typically a number of determining factors on how effective a teacher will be when teaching a new topic in French. Some of these factors will consist of the instructor or teacher, the material being used, who is being taught, the age group, their primary language, and the actual topic itself. In the information that follows, you're going to discover some important facts about teaching new topics in French, some of the materials that will be required, and how you can be more effective when working with children, teaching French in primary school, or working with the French language in general.

Traditional methods of teaching French language

Those teachers that have been working with students for a considerable amount of time are probably aware that a lot of the language materials available such as text and, older reading, have suffered from being ineffective, joyless and, extremely repetitive. In fact, many students whether young or old, simply get bored before ever understanding one word of a new topic being taught in French. Whether teaching French in primary schools or other settings, you will find that there are alternative methods that can be used that will help students grasp new ideas, concepts, and topics in French.

Audio, Podcasts, and visual powerpoint presentations

Some of the newer concepts available for teaching French to children and adults will come in the form of audio, Podcasts, and visual powerpoint presentations. These tools are extremely effective at capturing the student's attention which makes it easier to present new topics in French. By having an audio that comes in the form of a story, this will capture the imagination and allow young people and old people alike to associate words with what is actually taking place in the story. 

By utilizing a powerpoint presentation, this will also work to capture the attention of the individual who is learning the French language.  An instructor teaching French language will be able to utilize a presentation with an embedded audio, or they can simply use a voice-over which allows the student to associate what is being said - with what is taking place during the presentation. These are effective tools which can be used on a consistent basis to teach a new topic in French.

Comprehension exercises, Grammar exercises, and Flashcards

Although Comprehension exercises, Grammar exercises, and Flashcards are of a more traditional nature, they are still extremely effective when an audio can be played along with an activity. The bottom line is, students like to be engaged in what  it is they are learning. Quite frankly, if a child or an adult has difficulty understanding what is presented, this makes it very difficult to comprehend or retain any information whatsoever. By utilizing audio and visual together, this will go a long way in teaching new concepts and topics in French.

Although the information provided here focuses on an audio/video approach for teaching a new topic in French, the major responsibility will always fall in the lap of the instructor or teacher. The reason for this is, regardless of your skills and abilities to speak the French language, unless you can gain the interest and the attention of the student, your methods may end up not being very effective. By staying abreast of some of the new ideas for teaching the French language, you will be able to easily teaching French to children and adults alike.


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