Monday, 15 October 2012

Learning French Verbs - Don't let French Verbs Get You Down

If you happen to be learning French verbs then you have already realized that the verb system of the French grammar is considered as the most complicated. For those who do not know yet, the French grammar consists of twelve thousand verbs, each is being conjugated in a number of tenses. Additionally the verbs used in French language are also very notorious in terms of their spelling and irregular verbs. You may want to perceive that learning the French language is hard and daunting: the truth is you're right. The fact is that you have to undergo certain logic procedures and strategies in order for you to learn the verbs precisely.

There are four easy steps for everyone who has the heart and the interest to go learning French verbs.
They are easy and simple steps that will lead you to mastery and perfection when followed accordingly.

Get a French verb handbook.
The handbook is a very essential thing you need to have when you want to learn French verbs the fast and easy way. With the handbook, you will have the source on the different key verbs, the index that contains thousands of verbs such as model verbs, irregular verbs, etc. The handbook will also teach you different ways by which a particular type of verb is conjugated. So instead of browsing the internet for the French verb guide, it is still best to make use of the paper, the handbook so to speak.

Focus your attention to irregular verbs
When making use of the different tenses such as past, present, and future tenses, conjugation is highly required. Through conjugation, the form of the verb is being modified making it much easier for you to understand and memorize them. The same rule also applies to the different pronouns such as I, you, he, she, etc.

Focus on the major tenses
Based on your handbook you will see that there are sixteen tables designated for each verb. However, you will realize that some are rarely used especially when spoken. The tables can be downright confusing. It is advisable to get by at least four or five of them and that suffices. Keep in mind to learn the present tenses of French verbs because they are considered as the most flexible among all other forms of verbs in the French language.

Focus on the more commonly used verbs
You will learn from the start that French verbs consist of thousands and thousands of verbs, yet only less than a hundred are used in an everyday conversation. As a matter of fact, only nine irregular verbs account for about forty per cent of all the verbs used in an ordinary conversation. Such irregular verbs include être, faire, avoir, aller, dire, savoir, pouvoir, vouloir and devoir. In short, if you already speak a little bit of French, you would use or encounter these verbs frequently. Of course when you want to go learning French verbs, you want to make sure you're learning by heart.

Verb Posters with Pronunciation

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  1. Hi,
    I'm learning French for methods and it's not so easy for me. First I tried to learn by different self-studying books and websites. But it was difficult for me and I didn’t have any conversations. Than, my friends suggest me to find tutor so I take lessons on It’s a good source and I started to practice speaking. As additional sources I read books, watch videos, try to learn as much words as possible. But even now I'm looking for new opportunities to try something new in language learning.

    If you know some great ways you tried yourself, let me know, please.