Friday, 21 September 2012

Talk about your Family in French

The Family is one of the first topics children learn in French.
First, because it is easy to talk about, and also because it is a subject that is most likely to come into the conversation.
Here is a poster representing the closest people to you.

There is a lot of information you can give about your family, even at a primary level.

such as:

j'habite avec mes parents

j'ai un frère et une soeur 

voici mon cousin

mes grands-parents s'appellent Jacques et Line

 You can ask the children to draw a picture of members of their family and to talk about them.

for example:

-Who they are
- What is their name
-How old are they
-Who do they live with.......


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  2. Hi,
    I’m learning French and it’s not so easy for me. First I tried to learn by different self-studying books and websites. But it was difficult for me and I didn’t have any conversations. Than, my friends suggest me to find tutor so I take lessons on It’s a good source and I started to practice speaking. As additional sources I read books, watch videos, try to learn as much words as possible. But even now I’m looking for new opportunities to try something new in language learning.

    If you know some great ways you tried yourself, let me know, please.