Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Simple Tips to Improve Your French Vocabulary

 Learning French language is a great idea to widen your vocabulary. People love learning French vocabulary because it helps you to explore new foreign language. There are many reasons why many people are eager to learn the language. It allows you to compete efficiently globally.

Knowing French language will aid you to increase your job opportunities. In addition to that, it will also increase your appreciation of the society and cultures. You can also develop your creative and critical cognitive skills. And when it comes to literary masterpieces, French language is the best option.

If you are starting to learn the French vocabulary and you want to improve your vocabulary skills, then you might need the help of this article. This will provide you simple tips to build French vocabulary in just a short time.

You have to study French words in logical groups like names of countries, greetings and clothing because this makes the learning easier. You can use the French dictionaries and textbooks that provide you simple lectures about the language. Use also a notebook where you can take down the terms you have encountered each day. To make it easier for you, arrange the topic you want to learn. For instance, you want to learn about automobile terms, just focus on different types of mobiles. In case you want to learn about marketing terms, you can read about business French. You can remember terms better than separated words.

You can also learn French faster by studying terms that are the same to English. For instance, study the terms that end in “ble” in French and English. You can also study terms that end in “tion” in both English and French. In addition to that, make sure you also learn the pronunciation, gender nouns and spelling differences. Let us take this as an example, you know the difference of the terms “apartment” and “aviator”. In English, the word “apartment” is the counterpart of the word “aviateur” in French. Learning about the relationships and their differences will help you speed your vocabulary skills. You can use textbooks or other references that could serve as guidance in getting new French words and their relationship to the English language.

Of course, you should include in your learning process the word families. Study the relationships of nouns, verbs or adverbs in French. For instance, you researched the terms “ecouter” and “ecouter” which come from the base word “to listen”. If you find it hard to understand, you can use French-English dictionary.

If possible, participate in French vocabulary seminars or training centers. Although you can use different flashcards or textbooks, it is till important to deal with other people who are also willing to learn French. This will urge you to use the terms in actual and to know more different strategies on how to speak French correctly.

Increasing your French vocabulary will help make your language skills better. The best thing is that you can use it in different situations like in job opportunities, travel and competition.

Hope you have learned the simple tips to improve your French vocabulary.

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