Friday, 14 September 2012

Sing along with traditional French songs

Children enjoy singing traditional French songs during lessons.  They have so much fun while doing it, that they learn French without realising it.

Choose easy popular songs that do not have too many words and are easy to remember. And encourage the children to sing along with them.

The most well-known French children song is Frère Jacques. This song can be sung in a round. The first group begins to sing, and when it comes to the lyrics “dormez-vous”, the second group starts singing the first set of words “Frère Jacques”.
Kids love it!! 

Another well liked French folk song is Au Clair de la Lune. What is nice about this song is that some children also learn to play it on the recorder. So, you can have a group singing the lyrics while another group plays the tune.
One of my favourites is Sur le Pont d’Avignon. This song is often enacted. The children sing it while holding hands and going round in a circle. When the lyrics say “les beaux messieurs font comme ça” the boys pretend to take their hat off and bow, and when the words say “les demoiselles font comme ça” the girls hold their skirts and do a curtsy. It is a lovely song to perform in a school play in front of mums and dads.

Once the children are familiar with a song, you can ask them to illustrate a scene from it.

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